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Signalytics is now offering an affiliate program with high rewards and benefits. If you are interested in this win-win situation, read on.

For those who don’t know about affiliate marketing, we’re here to help you out.
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Show Them the Right Signals

An affiliate marketing program is when a person is rewarded for a certain action. These actions range from just directing people to a website, to signing up for certain services. For the Signalytics affiliate program, you’ll be converting other people to use our tried and tested tools.

Entreat others to grow their businesses with the services that Signalytics provides. You can use our tools to grow your business, and with each conversion, earn deserved commissions.

In businesses, affiliate programs have many benefits. For one, they help to expand a business’ audience. The more people talk about Signalytics, the more it becomes visible as a viable tool for businesses to succeed.
Other benefits are that it is a cost-effective way to market a business, and a great way to upscale the traffic and usage of Signalytics’ offerings.

As such, we understand how important and impactful each affiliate’s efforts are. Thus, we’re offering a competitive commission for each of the affiliate’s conversions. These affiliate programs are all based on performance. So the better you do, the more you earn.

Do your best and earn more for each referral and conversion you make.

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Why Be a Signalytics Affiliate?

Signalytics has one of the best affiliate programs right now. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider becoming a Signalytics affiliate.

Rewarding Commission Structures

For every conversion you make, get 100% of the commission on the first month of the services people sign up for. Each subsequent sign up will also net you as much as $150. Maximize these gains and convert as many people as possible.

Spread the Word, Earn the Wealth

Conversion opportunities are all around you. Be sure to utilize each opportunity you have to either cross-sell certain services or upsell them. The more people you spread the word to, the more you can earn.

Keep Your Hand in the Cookie Jar

Our cookie system provides you an extended duration that allows you to be credited when customers are converted.

Affiliate Access

For those very special partners, commissions are not the only thing that you can look forward to. Certain affiliates also get access to special events, and even the newest features and tools that Signalytics is developing.

The Sky’s the Limit

With Signalytics’ affiliate program, we aren’t trying to keep you down. In fact, we encourage you to go as high as possible! Our affiliate program has no limit to the amount of commissions you can make each day, week, or month. The only limit is how much you can share and convert.

Easy Payout Structures

Our payout structures are available on various platforms. Affiliates are paid each month, with a 60-day conversion window.
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How do I Become a Signalytics Affiliate?

Becoming a Signalytics Affiliate is as easy as 1-2-3. If you are ready to become an affiliate for us, we’re excited to have you. Each Signalytics affiliate applicant can be approved within 24 hours of application.

Become a Signalytics affiliate in these 3 easy steps.


Just Apply!

The first step is to apply for the affiliate program. Just fill out the form by clicking on the button below and wait for our staff to review your application.


A Link to the Future

Once your application has been approved by the Signalytics team, you will receive your personal affiliate link. This is the link that you will use to convert people and get the credit you deserve.


Share More, Earn More

The last step is sharing the link with all the connections and people you meet along the way. The more the link is shared and clicked, the more you earn! Start collecting your commissions with every conversion that is made.

Help Others Grow and Grow With Us

For Signalytics, we understand that our affiliates are a big part of our success. The one thing we ask of our affiliates is to believe in our tools and services. Try them out! We have a great set of services for people to try and sign up for.

These include the Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Purchase Frequency Ranking (PFR), and finding sourcing and logistics companies in China.

In doing so, you’ll understand them better. It may be useful to see how effective they are. It’ll come in handy when you talk to others.

Together, we can help more people grow their businesses, you can earn more for yourself, and Signalytics can also grow its presence throughout the world and reach more people.

Ready to Help and be Rewarded?

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