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What Is the Link Between Google Search Results and Amazon Ranking?

It has long been speculated that Amazon “loves outside traffic.” Any cursory search will reveal this mantra being touted by gurus, service providers and consultants alike. We need to just accept this fact. Amazon likes outside traffic. Period. So, here at Signalytics we have reliable information that this is true. However, how do we prove […]

What Is The Amazon Listing Honeymoon Period?

As innocuous as the term “honeymoon period” sounds, it has been the topic of much contention and debate. Interestingly, most people agree on the functionality of Amazon’s algorithm that gives rise to this phenomenon. What they disagree on is simply calling it a honeymoon period. But I digress. Onto the reason you’re reading this essay; […]

Amazon PPC AI vs Rule-Based Software: A Showdown

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are relatively new to the Amazon PPC space. However, people have been creating rule-based software solutions in an attempt to mimic the activities and actions of more advanced marketers for some years now. So with this advanced emerging technology becoming more readily available, which solution is better for you? […]

How Important Are Keywords In Your Amazon Title?

When discussing Amazon listing optimization, the question often comes up: What is the most important part of the listing with regard to keyword rank? This is an understandably important question. When setting up new listings, or optimizing old ones, it makes sense to focus your efforts on elements that will have the greatest impact. Most […]

Brand Analytics Has a New Feature (and Some Old Ones)

Amazon Brand Analytics recently added a new feature (Repeat Purchase Behavior) on top of the several they had been fleshing out over the course of the past year or so. While I wanted to draw attention to that specific feature, I also wanted to write an up-to-date guide for strategies that employ ALL of BA’s […]

How Does Amazon's Machine Learning Algorithm Work?

Do you know why Amazon's algorithm does what it does? It turns out it leaves clues and data trails that we can analyze to get a glimpse under the hood.

What Factors Impact Rank On Amazon & What’s Working Right NOW

Easily the top question I get with regard to keyword ranking on Amazon is “what is working now?” And that’s understandable given how rapidly it seems that Amazon’s crazy algorithm likes to switch things up. This article is intended, therefore, to be a definitive guide on what factors affect ranking on Amazon, with (regularly updated) […]

This Is The Future Of Amazon PPC

Still on the fence about whether you should automate your PPC with artificial intelligence? Well, look at these results. The proof is in the pudding.

Man Vs Machine; The Battle Over PPC Dominance

Effective Amazon PPC management can increase profits dramatically. But should you turn to an agency or a software for help? How about Artificial Intelligence?

Algorithm Red Flags; What Amazon Looks For

When running promotions for your Amazon products, do you know what red flags and potential actions can get you the wrong kind of attention?

A9's Sordid History; How Amazon Has Made Success Harder

Amazon's A9 algorithm is an enigma, but it has a history that's left clues as to how it works. Here's all the updates impacting keyword rank since 2014

How Amazon's TOS & Algorithm Updates Have Targeted Ranking

Amazon's terms of service for sellers has had several additions and changes over the years. But, how exactly have they impacted ranking on the platform?

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