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Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 You Need to Know

Digital marketing is in constant motion. Tactics that worked this or the previous year may not necessarily work in succeeding years. Naturally, you’ll want to keep up with upcoming trends as a progressive business. That way, you’ll know how best to prepare your business for the ever-intense competition. To help, we’ve created this in-depth roundup […]

Amazon Marketing Services: What Does it Offer and How Can You Make it Work For You

Amazon is popular. Very popular. In fact, 150+ million people use the Amazon shopping app every month. What does this mean for an online seller or eCommerce store that wants to cement its Amazon presence? In order to succeed on Amazon, it necessitates having a solid, well-thought-out Amazon marketing strategy. One important factor for Amazon […]

Different Influencer Marketplaces

Influencers are everywhere. According to statistics, there are 37+ million on Instagram. YouTube, on the other hand, boasts a respectable 1.5 million influencers. These influencers promote brands on social media every day and directly influence how customers spend their money. However, there’s one problem. Getting an influencer who can grow your business is challenging. In […]

How Influencers Can Help Boost Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up. As a business, there’s every reason to be excited. After all, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping weekends of the year. During this time, small businesses anticipate a +107% revenue boost over the retail holidays. Sure, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer an excellent opportunity […]

Must-know Digital Marketing KPIs to Incorporate for Success

Any serious business owner must know the direction their business is heading in each and every week. The question is, how do you determine the health and success of your business? This is done by looking at Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). One common problem though is that many business owners don’t know what KPIs are […]

Creating a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy with Amazon DSP

Amazon has over 6 million sellers. This massive number may make you feel like it is impossible to reach new audiences. Still, you can move potential buyers up the advertising channel by leveraging the Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP). With Amazon DSP, you can implement a full-funnel marketing strategy that will help you create brand awareness […]

eCommerce Marketing Strategies for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. As is often the case, it is the seasonal greetings, promotions, and advertisements that alert you to the arrival of this part of the year. It is an exciting time for someone with an online business platform because of the vast business opportunities available. Even before the pandemic, e-Commerce sales […]

Incorporating TikTok Lead Generation to your Digital Marketing Strategy

TikTok has taken the social media space by storm. Since its global launch in 2017 it has more than tripled its users.  Currently, it is the 7th most used social media platform, but it has held the title of the most downloaded social media app for the past two years.  As of December 2020, TikTok has […]

Strategies for Creating Effective PPC Campaigns

Are you having a hard time increasing your online visibility and driving more traffic to your business? Well, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing offers you an easy way to upscale your business and grow it exponentially. With PPC, you get what you pay for.  Put differently, you only get to pay for when people click on your […]

Different Strategies to Get Amazon Reviews

Reviews are powerful. They can boost sales, increase revenue, and ultimately help online sellers reach success. Have a look at the effect of reviews with these stats below: 97 percent of shoppers read reviews before buying As few as five can boost a sale probability by a whopping 200 percent A customer is likely to buy a […]

Making the Pinterest Algorithm Your Digital Marketing Ally

Social media has begun to play a big part in marketing. Users, brands, and companies have begun to turn to these digital platforms to bolster their products or services. Ignoring the added value of these platforms puts brands and companies at a significant disadvantage. There are many social media platforms out there that people use […]

Diving Deep Into The Science of Instagram Algorithm

Instagram has taken the quick bite attack of many social media apps and capitalized on the visual element. As it stands, Instagram is one of the top five social media channels for marketing. Trends indicate that Instagram will remain in the top positions for years to come. For those marketing and advertising a product, service, […]

Understanding Youtube Algorithm To Get More Views

Nowadays, more and more people are finding revenue through online means. Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube, these websites have proven to be viable avenues of revenue. Apart from engaging content, the key to success in each of these websites - and probably many others - is the understanding of how the […]

Facebook Algorithm: How It Evolved and Strategies To Make It Work For You

With the digital world quickly becoming a daily essential in people’s lives, more and more algorithms are starting to play a pivotal role in online experiences. Most people will not quite fully understand what an algorithm is. Simply put, an algorithm is a set of instructions that programs use to accomplish certain tasks. Algorithms are […]

Insights on the TikTok Algorithm (Deep Dive Inside The AI Machine)

If you haven’t been living under a rock and are somewhat decent with getting on and navigating the internet, then you’ll know that social media app TikTok has become a massive viral sensation. In August of this year, TikTok was the most downloaded app across all app stores. In the first year, it garnered half […]

Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) - How to Improve and Get the Best Seller Tag

Do you sell on Amazon and aren’t sure how to boost your overall Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR)? Well, if you’re reading this, there’s every likelihood that this statement applies to you.  By the tail end of this post, you will learn the following: What BSR is How to calculate your BSR Factors affecting your […]

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Live Streaming Commerce

If you are the kind of person who enjoys the thrill or adrenaline rush that comes with shopping in person, livestreaming commerce may be your plug. Coresight Research estimates that by the end of 2021, the U.S livestream shopping market will likely reach $11 billion. By 2023, it will reach $25 billion. In China, the sales […]

Hiring An Amazon PPC Management Service vs. Managing Your Own Campaign – Which Takes the Cake?

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for both new and used products. It attracts businesses that are constantly vying for visibility and profit. In fact, Amazon took in 51.2 percent of U.S. digital sales in 2020. This was an approximate increase of 50% from the previous year. This means that the retailer continues to […]

Understanding Amazon ACoS as an Important KPI of an Amazon Seller

When evaluating the effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaigns, advertising cost of sales (ACoS) is a crucial metric that will help you know how much you spent on advertisements per revenue generated. Usually expressed as a percentage, ACoS acts as Amazon sellers’ guide and informs the advertising campaign strategies and decisions.  It is also an […]

Measuring ROI on Influencer Marketing Campaigns – Know if it’s a Success

Influencer marketing. It’s all the hype these days. In fact, nine in every ten marketers have an influencer marketing strategy. If you want to hop onto the bandwagon, there are a few things you need to comprehend to make the most out of your efforts. Apart from understanding the basics – such as what influencer […]

Social Signals: Are They A Ranking Factor?

Your business should be on social media. After all, 55 percent of consumers have bought something through social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Did you also know that you can use social signals to power your marketing campaign? While this is a somewhat controversial subject, repeated research shows social likes, shares, and […]

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: The Benefits of Outsourcing HR Functions

Human Resources (HR) is on the move. Now, more and more companies are turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers to manage their HR functions from training to payroll processing, termination, and everything in between. And there are good reasons this trend is on the rise. You see, outsourcing allows a company to offload work […]

How Deal Sites Can Help Boost Sales

Here’s the thing. Every shopper loves a good deal. In fact, Statistics Portal, Statista in early 2021 reported a staggering 92 percent of consumers that use coupons when shopping. With so many customers leveraging coupons, discounts, and other promos, it makes perfect sense to implement a robust promotional strategy for your eCommerce store. While you […]

Leveraging the Power of Influencers to Help Improve Your Sales

For many years, utilizing celebrities was an effective way to market certain products and services. Their influence and fame have long had positive effects in the products they represent and market. While celebrities are still being used in marketing purposes today, a new breed of people have positioned themselves as prime candidates for marketing as […]

Influencer Marketing: Things You Need to Know

As social media platforms became an integrated part of society, it offered all people a place to let their voices be heard. Inevitably, a few voices rose up from the group to the interest of many. These people became a new type of celebrity, creating content and establishing followings and followers alike. These people are […]

TikTok: A Shoppable Social Commerce Platform

Social commerce has been around for longer than people realize. In fact, many people may not quite understand what social commerce means consciously. Interestingly enough, while they may not be clear on the term, chances are that they have participated in social commerce in one form or another throughout the years. For those who aren’t […]

Maximizing Influencer Marketing: Engagement Rate vs. Follower Count

The business arena in the social media era has evolved big time especially in the way businesses are normally run. You may have seen the change your self with how you started your business, getting it online, how you grow and scale it and trying to go global. Another major change that we have seen […]

RFM Analysis Paves The Way For An Effective Customer Segmentation

Whatever people do – whether it is offering a product or service, creating a video game, writing a book, or running a marketing campaign – The world is a vast and dynamic place. Any business that wants to succeed needs to fill that gap and market a product or service to as many people as […]

Effectiveness of Ad Campaigns on TikTok Self-Serve

With more than 800 million users and counting, the social media platform TikTok is showing no signs of stopping. With constant growth on the horizon, it was only a matter of time before TikTok busted down its doors and spread its arms wide for advertising. Taking advantage of its number of users and worldwide appeal, […]

The Tiktok Effect: How To Boost Growth On Amazon Through Viral Media

Does social media have an impact on your sales on Amazon? Maybe not if you aren’t actively building your brand’s presence….right? Unless...your product goes viral completely by accident. Talk about every Amazon seller’s dream. This is exactly what happened to an Amazon seller who sells a 3D filament pen on the platform. As a result […]

How To Use PFR Reports To Pick Potential New Products

Picking a product to sell on Amazon is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of the business. It’s also typically extolled as the most important step in your journey. Why? Because the product is what makes or breaks your cashflow situation. Now whether or not you believe you can create a “winning product formula” […]

The Most Powerful Report For Amazon Sellers

Here’s a little known fact; the biggest sellers (and I mean BIIIIIIG) get the best data. Period. Sometimes they come by it honestly. Sometimes, not so much. But either way, it has been one of the sources of their “edge” over competitors for years. So, it’s actually pretty exciting for me to tell you that […]

Keyword Research w/ PFR for Listing Optimization

Whether you are new at selling on Amazon, or a seasoned pro, you’re likely well aware of how important listing optimization is. It is the first “line of defense” when it comes to winning the sale, and maximizing results seems like the most logical and critical first step. Optimizing the words on a listing so […]

How To Use "Purchase Frequency Rank" For Pre-Launch Keyword Research

What is a “product launch” on Amazon? In the most general sense, it refers to when someone introduces a new product on the platform.  KEYWORD RESEARCH FOR PFR Learn why keyword research is important for product launches (and a killer strategy for finding the most profitable keywords to target). However, colloquially it refers to the act of […]

What Is the Link Between Google Search Results and Amazon Ranking?

It has long been speculated that Amazon “loves outside traffic.” Any cursory search will reveal this mantra being touted by gurus, service providers and consultants alike. We need to just accept this fact. Amazon likes outside traffic. Period. So, here at Signalytics we have reliable information that this is true. However, how do we prove […]

What Is The Amazon Listing Honeymoon Period?

As innocuous as the term “honeymoon period” sounds, it has been the topic of much contention and debate. Interestingly, most people agree on the functionality of Amazon’s algorithm that gives rise to this phenomenon. What they disagree on is simply calling it a honeymoon period. But I digress. Onto the reason you’re reading this essay; […]

Amazon PPC AI vs Rule-Based Software: A Showdown

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are relatively new to the Amazon PPC space. However, people have been creating rule-based software solutions in an attempt to mimic the activities and actions of more advanced marketers for some years now. So with this advanced emerging technology becoming more readily available, which solution is better for you? […]

How Important Are Keywords In Your Amazon Title?

When discussing Amazon listing optimization, the question often comes up: What is the most important part of the listing with regard to keyword rank? This is an understandably important question. When setting up new listings, or optimizing old ones, it makes sense to focus your efforts on elements that will have the greatest impact. Most […]

Brand Analytics Has a New Feature (and Some Old Ones)

Amazon Brand Analytics recently added a new feature (Repeat Purchase Behavior) on top of the several they had been fleshing out over the course of the past year or so. While I wanted to draw attention to that specific feature, I also wanted to write an up-to-date guide for strategies that employ ALL of BA’s […]

How Does Amazon's Machine Learning Algorithm Work?

Do you know why Amazon's algorithm does what it does? It turns out it leaves clues and data trails that we can analyze to get a glimpse under the hood.

What Factors Impact Rank On Amazon & What’s Working Right NOW

Easily the top question I get with regard to keyword ranking on Amazon is “what is working now?” And that’s understandable given how rapidly it seems that Amazon’s crazy algorithm likes to switch things up. This article is intended, therefore, to be a definitive guide on what factors affect ranking on Amazon, with (regularly updated) […]

This Is The Future Of Amazon PPC

Still on the fence about whether you should automate your PPC with artificial intelligence? Well, look at these results. The proof is in the pudding.

Man Vs Machine; The Battle Over PPC Dominance

Effective Amazon PPC management can increase profits dramatically. But should you turn to an agency or a software for help? How about Artificial Intelligence?

Algorithm Red Flags; What Amazon Looks For

When running promotions for your Amazon products, do you know what red flags and potential actions can get you the wrong kind of attention?

A9's Sordid History; How Amazon Has Made Success Harder

Amazon's A9 algorithm is an enigma, but it has a history that's left clues as to how it works. Here's all the updates impacting keyword rank since 2014

How Amazon's TOS & Algorithm Updates Have Targeted Ranking

Amazon's terms of service for sellers has had several additions and changes over the years. But, how exactly have they impacted ranking on the platform?

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