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Hong Kong CEO

We will provide coaching and planning for brand building for online sellers and e-commerce businesses. Below are the requirements for this position:
Job description:
• Complete all around knowledge about ecommerce market platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, etc.
• Set company structure, team building, and goal.
• Develop and build SAAS systems.
• Analyze and define the market for product growth within the market segment.
• Identify, manage, and evaluate on-going web alliances and partnerships.
• Pursue appropriate, strategic alliance that supports aggressive growth of the market share and revenues and execute profitable market penetration strategies.
• Coordinate, manage and track business partners to assure projects are completed on time.
• Knowledge about SEO on-site and off-site platforms
• Experience with Amazon's different types of advertising campaign algorithm
• Perform ongoing keyword research including discovery and expansion of keyword optimization.

• 15+ years of experience in heading an organization and developing its strategies
• Successful track record in leading digital, leadership and cultural transformations across multi-million companies
• Demonstrated interpersonal skills and the ability to earn trust and thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment
• Proven ability to effectively analyze errors ahead of time and develop high standards of workmanship
• Exceptional ability to understand business needs
• Excellent communication, problem-solving, time-management, decision-making, and project management skills as there will be a need to prioritize requests and project deadlines
• Marketing/public relations including social media and CRM is an advantage
• A solid understanding of entrepreneurship within the digital services and ecommerce industry is an advantage
• Extensive knowledge in SEO, AI Algorithm, and SaaS
• Current knowledge of digital outsourcing and enabling technology trends, ideally including the building of automated systems using the appropriate modern automation tools and processes such as SaaS and AI enablement
About the COmpany
SIGNALYTICS LTD. is an online marketing SAAS service and brand building provider for e-commerce. Utilizing AI technology, SIGNALYTICS LTD. specializes in all scopes of online marketing as but not limited to SEO, traffic redirecting, ranking, rebate, and Pay-Per-Click.
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Full Time - Marketing Expert
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Full Time
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