What “Signals” Mean For Your Business

Traffic signals, purchase-intent signals, social signals, etc…

How Do You Gain Visibility On Amazon, Google, Anywhere On the Web?

Ever heard the phrase “success leaves clues”? Well, often those clues come in the form of signals. Signals communicate with Amazon to let them know your products are popular and should be ranked higher in search. Signals communicate to Google your product is relevant and should be shown higher on search pages.

Signals > Success > Algorithms > Visibility > More Success

Use Customer Data and Signals To Out-pace Your Competition

At our core, Signalytics was designed to make data the most valuable weapon in your arsenal. We measure data such as purchase frequency (based on keyword), purchase-intent activities, keyword strength, keyword density, external links, search engine relevance, and so much more.

That data becomes invaluable to helping brands level up. By leveraging it and directing the right signals to relevant platform algorithms, you gain an immeasurable edge over competitors.

How Signalytics Can Help You Scale Your Business?

We Communicate With Algorithms

With algorithms playing such an important role online, understanding them, and being able to communicate with them, can be the fine line between success and failure. Fortunately, we have the means and capability to send the appropriate signals to ensure your offerings get seen.

Purchase Frequency Rank (PFR)

We offer Purchase Frequency Rank Service (PFR) to find profitable keywords that will work wonders for your advertisements and promotions.

Driving Signals

Let us drive the signals to where they need to be: your product and business. Watch as you rise through the algorithm ranks and gain visibility.

Data-based Growth

With machine learning algorithms that can help build your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, you’ll be able to scale your businesses with data as the pillars.

Purchase Frequency Rank

Ranking on Amazon is one of the most important things in ensuring that your product is seen and more importantly, is selling.

Signalytics actively discovers the opportunities that products on Amazon can utilize to dominate the rankings on Amazon. This is known as Purchase Frequency Rank (PFR).
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Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) Service

Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns allow businesses to advertise on the search results pages, product pages, and other pages of the online marketplace. This offers a way for sellers to pay for visibility and exposure.

Amazon PPC has become a critical element for brands to grow on the platform. As a result, it is also incredibly competitive. Utilizing the right tools can make all the difference when it comes to success on the ad platform.
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Signalytics has access to Amazon’s Advertising API. This allows us to see the inner workings of Amazon’s algorithm, and we are eager to share these insights and utilize it to help your business grow.

In understanding Amazon’s algorithm, you can better set up your business or products for success. Several services that Signalytics’ PPC Management Service can offer include:

AI Automation

Amazon Suggested Keywords

Insights on Constant Amazon Algorithm Updates

Media Buying Service

Amazon is not the only platform that offers PPC, however. Purchasing “media” or otherwise spots in available advertising placements on big traffic websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and more can provide your products with a huge advantage in a couple of ways:

First, it gets more potential customers looking at what you have to offer.
Second, it sends the right signals to Amazon, Google, and other platforms that gets you even more visibility in organic search.

Signalytics’ media buying service gives you access to experts that can help you leverage these sources.
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Sourcing and Logistics in China

Without the right sourcing and logistics, a business can’t get off the ground. With our experience and insight, the signals point to China as a great source for all your sourcing and logistics needs.

China has the experience, the infrastructure, and access to the raw materials that can build your business.

Signalytics is ready and willing to help connect you with the right sourcing and logistics companies in China. Allow us to help you build your business now.
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Product Listing Optimization

eCommerce is a rising and viable way to earn money. It has never been easier to prepare a product and sell it online due to the multiple platforms out there (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc).

While it is easy to put up your product and prepare the online store, the truth is that being found amongst the sea of other sellers’ items is a big challenge. Without visibility, people will not be able to find your product and buy it.

The foundation of visibility, algorithm rank, ppc relevance, etc lay in listing optimization. Signalytics’ Listing Optimization Service (for Amazon listings or any other marketplace or platform) offers top quality copy and imagery that is a perfect blend between SEO and behavioral focus.
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Photography and Graphic Image Service

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A good, well-styled and well-placed photo can do things that several paragraphs may not. In today’s online world, there is a need to have the visuals to back up the information found on the web.

This point is even more important with product listings and ecommerce.
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Video and Multimedia Service

Imagine you are browsing products on your favorite ecommerce platform, and all of a sudden, you see a sleek video that is able to convey product information in a visual way. That product will definitely stand out and will likely convert the sale.

The data seems to suggest the same thing. Almost 100% of all consumers say that videos help to influence their purchasing decisions.

Product Videos can most definitely help online stores boost product sales.
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Ranking Service

Signalytics has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in mastering an understanding of Amazon’s algorithms. We’d want nothing more than to share these valuable insights with you to boost your product rankings to the top and keep them there.
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SEO Service

The internet is an immensely expansive place filled with products and information of all kinds. One of the most convenient and widely used methods for sifting through it is using search. 

As search results rank pages based on relevance criteria, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an incredibly important piece of the puzzle for business growth.
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Influencer Marketing Service

Influencer marketing is a whole new can of worms that is really in its infancy. With that said though, it is quickly becoming an effective and sought after strategy for marketing brands, products, and services.

Contact and partner with Signalytics so we can help your brand and business influence the market with influencer marketing.
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Coupons and Promotions

Coupons and promotions are an effective way to send rank signals to the Amazon or Google algorithms. They are also a great way to promote purchases or gain new customers for repeat purchases.

Ultimately these promotion tools, when used in the right way, work wonders on helping gain traction and visibility for your products.
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Deal Sites

Most ecommerce sellers are unaware of the power of the “Deals Effect.” However, big brands have been using it for years with great success. Deal sites offer unique benefits in the form of external traffic signals, as well as purchase signals, that help increase organic rank.

Signalytics coined the term “Deals Effect” and can help you implement the strategy.
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At Signalytics, our goal is to gather the absolute best data for your business, deploy strategies designed to utilize that data, and gain you intelligence, visibility, and growth.
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