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eCommerce has become a viable path for extra income, and even success. The many platforms currently available to people make it easy to set up a store and run it from the comfort of your own home.

Despite that, not all online stores on eCommerce platforms actually make it big. It’s just a reality of competition.

With that said though, what are some ways to increase the chances of success for eCommerce stores?

This may end up being counterintuitive and shocking a few people, but the use of coupons, deals, and discounts for your store’s products go a long way in ensuring massive growth and success.

How Coupons and Discounts Help eCommerce Success

What is one of the most important things for an eCommerce store? Some may say the quality of products. Others would say originality. However, one of the most important factors for eCommerce stores is visibility and ranking.

How would a person go about gaining visibility and ranking? The answer is through coupons and discounts.

Many eCommerce stores are utilizing this simple yet effective strategy. The strategy goes like this.

eCommerce stores locate some of the best websites that present coupons and discounts for products. Users will most likely head to these websites to try and get the best deals for products they need.

Once eCommerce stores have found the right deal websites, they prepare several coupons and discounts that are unique to these sites.
With time and enough people using these coupons and discounts, the ranking of the eCommerce business will rise within the deal site. Eventually, they will be featured in marquee positions such as “deal of the day”.

At the same time, the fact that customers are using these coupons and discounts means that they are also increasing visibility, ranking, and sales at the platform where the store is located. Examples of these include Amazon and Shopify.

The additional visibility and sales granted by the push from these coupons and discounts will help increase the rankings within the eCommerce platform. In platforms like Amazon, the high ranks will help people find the store better and may even persuade them to purchase the product from your store than a similar one from another.

Then, all you have to do is rinse and repeat.

How the Deals, Coupons and Discounts Workflow Goes

Once you signup for the Signalytics Coupons and Discounts service, here is what to expect:

Onboarding of your current deals you have in place.

What coupons and deals do you currently run for your e-commerce brand? Our specialists will run a baseline of the coupons you have currently issued to evaluate how this will effect our ongoing deal service.

Propose deal format

Our Signalytics specialist will then work to give you a strategy and proposal for deals you should be submitting and how to maximize reach of your campaign.

Deal implementation and distribution

This is where the magic happens. Our experts will work to get your deal highlighted and noticed across our proprietary network of deal distribution channels.

Measure and tweak

Once the deal campaign is in place, our specialists will monitor the results and work alongside you and your team to improve the reach and effectiveness of these deal campaign.

Scale and grow

Once the baseline of deals has been set in place for your e-commerce brand, we will discuss ways to scale your deal campaign and brand awareness to new heights.

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The coupons and discounts strategy is one that has allowed many online stores to gain massive success.

There is one catch though. While very effective, the one thing people need to remember is that in order for this strategy to work, it needs a lot of time to grow and take full effect.

In order to push coupons and discounts to these deal websites, there are several things that are required from the seller.

While time and patience is a good thing to have for any successful business, you can also partner with Signalytics and allow us to have those coupons and discounts listed on those relevant sites.

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