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One of the most effective ways to get the word out for the products you sell on Amazon is through online ads. You can create ads through a number of websites that have the online real estate for those ads.

Going through each website and planning on how to set up your ad can require some effort. However, with Signalytics and Demand-Side Platform (DSP), setting up and monitoring ads for your products on Amazon as well as third-party websites has never been easier.

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DSP – What is it?

The first question is, what is DSP? DSP is a relatively new advertising software that allows advertisers to automatically buy – and subsequently manage – ads on various third-party websites and Amazon online mediums (such as Prime video). Apart from the programmatic approach, it is also scalable for however many ads you want to run.
Digital marketing used to take a very direct and focused approach. If you were advertising on Google, you’d focus there. If you wanted to place ads on Facebook, you’d have to manually work with placing those ads on Facebook.

If you wanted to put ads on both Google and Facebook, that would double the effort as you would have to manually use both websites’ tools to up your ads.

But with DSP, this can be avoided. Here are the advantages:


With DSP, the software bids on the digital advertising spaces of various publishers via an auction process. It all happens within microseconds in real-time bidding and is all managed within the same platform.


The program helps to decide which digital advertising spaces are best for you and how much you should pay for them. Thus, the user will have access to a variety of websites and even apps to place their ads on, thereby optimizing placement and potential audience.


These include platforms such as a number of third-party sites owned by Amazon, web and in-app direct publishers, Prime Video and other Amazon owned media, and much more.
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What Can DSP and Signalytics Do For You?

So what is the end result of DSP? An end-to-end campaign that utilizes the data from various platforms to target audiences, increase awareness, and guide them to, in the end, buying your product.

Apart from the actual running of the DSP ads for you and your Amazon product, here are a few other things that we can do with DSP.

Retargeting and Re-engaging Your Audience

One of the big things Signalytics can do with DSP is retargeting and re-engaging the audience for your product. Utilizing a variety of tools and methods, we can help spread the word of your product across various platforms and multiple exposures, increasing the likelihood of purchase decisions.

Here are several tools that we capitalize on to retarget and re-engage an audience.

First Party Data

Due to regulation and privacy concerns, third-party apps storing customer data has been significantly reduced. However, with DSP, you get access to first-party data because the ads are served within a “walled garden” of Amazon properties.

Competitor Purchases

The ASIN of similar products immediately connects us to buyers that can be retargeted and re-engaged. One effective strategy is finding a very popular product that is similar or close to yours. We can then target the buyers of that product and place ads that lead back to your own product.

ASIN Viewers or Buyers

Similarly, we can take a look at the people who frequent certain ASINs that are relevant or close to your own product. In doing so, we start to build an audience to determine who best to target with our ads.


A pixel is a line of code that tracks the behavior of users on a website. It can track behaviors like how people browse the website, what ads are effective for them, what ads do they click on, and more. When we have enough data from the pixels, it will allow us to target users with ads that are relevant to them, even if they head to other websites.

Amazon Data

Amazon’s exclusive data is integrated into the DSP targeting. This data is the bedrock that will allow us to identify and target a certain group. It also helps by shedding light on what kind of campaign will be effective. The targeting data includes demographics, lifestyle, in-market, audience look-alikes, contextual, and retargeting.

Hashed CRM

Hashing is a process of turning your customer list into a secure randomized code. When this list is uploaded to Facebook for example, this hashed information is then used for comparison to its own hashed information. A comparison between information takes place, and your information is cross-referenced with a multitude of Facebook profiles that match them. This is a great tool for audience building.

Signalytics DSP Service

With Signalytics, you can be sure reach more people, re-engage more people, and get more eyeballs onto your product listings. Place ads on more platforms with less effort, and convert to sales more often with DSP.

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