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Stunning Images Help Your Product Listings and Promotions.
As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A good, well-styled and well-placed photo can do things that several paragraphs may not. In today’s online world, there is a need to have the visuals to back up the information found on the web.

This point is even more important with product listings and ecommerce.

One of Signalytics’ key services is to edit attractive photos and create stunning infographics that can better help with your product listings and promotions.

Product Listings and Promotions

eCommerce has been growing for the past few years, and it is showing no signs of stopping and even slowing down. It is a great opportunity for people to earn a few bucks on the side and sell products that they create. This also means though that the market and the sellers are constantly growing.

The problems here are that there are truly only a few unique products out there. In a lot of cases, there are an overlap of products. People are selling the same things with different variations, packaging, and a few perks.

So how do you stand out in this online market?
In a report created by MDG Advertising, they stated that more than 60% of purchasers see the product image as the number one influencer when buying a product. This image is even more important than the rating, the description of the product, and customer reviews.

Also, different angles and looks of a single product can greatly enhance chances of people purchasing the product.

It is pretty much the same with promotions. Almost 40% of marketers stated that using photos for visual marketing is a very powerful tool. When a good image is paired with the right information, knowledge retention is increased dramatically.

Without a good image, people may only retain about 10% of information.

Enter Product Photography

This is where product photography is all about. If you are selling a product on an eCommerce platform, chances are you’ll need the product photography service. This is more than just snapping a quick photo.

Product photography is the bridge that allows people to interact and interface with the product that you are selling. A good photo can make it seem like they are there looking, touching, and testing the product.

Moreover, the style of the photo can help to convey your brand and the values that it stands for. It is a representation of your brand online.
On an eCommerce platform, photos are very important
Here are some statistics to ponder on:
Customers don’t really read everything on a page. On an eCommerce platform – like Amazon for example, they read 20 words at best. However, they do look at most if not all the photos.
More than 60% say that photos are more important than description, while more than 50% say that they are more important than ratings and reviews.
Certain eCommerce platforms have image requirements
Apart from what has already been discussed, certain eCommerce platforms have image requirements. Amazon for example has several guidelines for the images that you put on their site. It is a simple list of do’s and don’ts.

For those who know how to edit photographs, that is great. The guidelines are easy to follow and apply.

However, with Signalytics’ Image Services, you can leave all of that to us and focus on growing your business and overseeing all of it. Allow us to edit the photos and have them look credible, presentable, and professional.

Our goal isn’t only to provide you with the best photos,
but also to create photos that will direct traffic to your products and convert them into sales.

Infographic Creation

Want to take it a step further? Infographics is another way to boost sales and traffic to your products. Utilize infographics to convey more information in a more creative way, and more importantly, earn more profits.

These infographics actually utilize all the well-edited photos you have for your products. Once they are all there, Signalytics can help you create great infographics for a number of purposes.


Infographics can help highlight important parts or functions of a product.


Lifestyle images can greatly convert to sales. Infographics can improve upon these lifestyle images, and give more life to the lifestyle enhancements.


If your product comes in a package and has many pieces, infographics can help showcase everything. Customers will be able to see what they are getting, effectively having no regrets for their purchases.
Signalytics can help you create these infographics. It isn’t just about mashing photos and text together. It is about finding the right balance of text, image quality, and the right layout to elevate the information.
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Allow Signalytics to paint those pictures for you through our image services. Our Product Photography and Infographic Creation will allow for your products to stand out, get noticed, and get sold.
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