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When selling products or services, one of the go to routes has always been celebrities. Famous people attract a lot of attention. Whenever these celebrities endorse a product or service, it has a large impact on a brand. This is effective for many reasons.

This happens because people like seeing a familiar and famous face attached to a product. For many people, something in the back of their mind tells them that they want to be like these people on the movie or television screens.

Apart from that, when really famous celebrities endorse a product, it gives an impression of being high quality. Finally, people will most likely remember an ad if a celebrity is attached to it.

Nowadays, marketing practices continue to grow with the times. These days, social media platforms are becoming a great place to market products. Even more than that, it has become a good place for people to make their mark.

This has brought about the time of the influencer.

I need the Influencer Marketing Service

What is Influencer Marketing?
In social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, there are a select few that build big communities, create followings, and hold considerable sway with their audience. These are the influencers.

It is no surprise then that marketing has found a way to utilize these influencers to endorse products and services, much like they do with celebrities.
Since these influencers are viewed as trusted individuals, and sometimes even experts at their niche fields, their dedicated social followings are able to gain visibility on these products or services.

One study in 2018 showed that the return of investment (ROI) from influencer marketing reached or exceeded the level of other marketing channels. Of all the respondents, almost 90% of them had this opinion.

As of 2020, the influencer marketing industry has reached a valuation of $10 billion. It has become an integral and viable marketing tactic. There are several influencer marketing campaigns available to be included in a marketing strategy.
To put it simply, influencer marketing is a marketing process utilizing social media platforms. Businesses and brands reach out to relevant influencers and use them to endorse and mention various products or services.

What Kind of Influencer Campaigns are Available?

Contests and Giveaways
Contests and giveaways are a great way to increase brand awareness and engage the community.

Make room in the budget to give several products to an influencer. One thing that influencers can do is to have unboxing events that they shoot and post. This approach is a great way to get a lot of eyeballs on the product itself at a fraction of the cost.

Depending on how many products are given to the influencer, they can end up having one unboxing event a week. They also thank the brand that sent the product and give reviews about the product.

In some cases, these influencers also set up giveaways to their community. Ideally, these gifts should be of great value. This sense of value can help generate buzz and excitement in the community.

This can also be done for products that haven’t been released in the market yet. This “early access” status gives an air of exclusivity which can drive engagement even more.

If engagement is the goal, then contests are also a viable influencer campaign. This can have people in the community create original content, tag friends in a specific post, like or follow posts and channels, share content, and so much more.

If it is a contest though, one tip we can give is to make the rules absolutely clear. This will lessen any headaches and complaints in the future.
We hired Signalytics to find us an influencer on TikTok and we are very happy with the results. Howard and his team did a great job with this project. They found an influencer that had a large number of followers and told the influencer the specifics of what was needed to be in our product's video. The video helped our sales too - 12 hours after posting the video, our Best Seller Rank on Amazon went from 3057 to 2714. 

We will continue to use Signalytics and their influencers to promote our products.

Tim Frey

7 Figure Seller
Columbus, North Carolina
Discount Codes
Another influencer campaign is using discount codes and affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, this is the process of giving an influencer a commission whenever a product is sold due to their recommendation.

The question now is how businesses or brands can track who sells what and how much?

This is easily accomplished with discount codes or custom URLs. Influencers can talk about a specific product or service, as usual. They then direct customers to the site where they can purchase it. At the same time, they can either provide a code or a special URL that applies a discount and also signifies that they sold it.

Tips for Building

an Influencer Marketing Strategy


Every good strategy needs a goal. The goal is like the compass that all the actions are attuned to for finding true north. In short, the goal sets the direction of all actions.

The easy way to assess this is to ask yourself what you want the outcome to be. Is it to get more people to gain awareness about a business or brand? Or maybe it is to increase the engagement people have with brands.

The answer you have here will radically change which influencers you want to reach out to and what you want them to do.
If the goal is to increase awareness, then seek out influencers that have massive communities and an expansive reach. If it is to drive engagement, influencers who have small focused groups would be more ideal.


Up until recently, influencers weren’t getting their fair shake for the work they were doing. However, budgets are now increasing and being allocated to influencer marketing.

There is a lot of gray area when it comes to compensation for influencers. It all depends on the negotiations and the budget.

Some influencers will gravitate towards the affiliate marketing approach. It has also become commonplace to give a one-time or once a month fee.

Make sure to research well and find out what the best going rates are per platform.
These days though, the number of followers in the social media platform being targeted is starting to play a big part in the costs. In YouTube for instance, it costs $20 every 1,000 subscribers or anywhere from $50 to $100 each 1,000 views of a video.

Influence the Market

Influencer marketing is a whole new can of worms that is really in its infancy. With that said though, it is quickly becoming an effective and sought after strategy for marketing brands, products, and services.

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