Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Bring Your Product into the Spotlight
eCommerce is a rising and viable way to earn money. It has never been easier to prepare a product and sell it online due to the multiple platforms out there. A couple of platforms include Amazon and eBay.

While it is easy to put up your product and prepare the online store, the truth is that being found amongst the sea of other seller’s items is a big challenge. Without visibility, people will not be able to find your product and buy it.

That is why Amazon Product Listing Optimization is a very important service that will bring your product into the spotlight and have it bought by the people.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

I bet some of you are thinking what Amazon Product Listing Optimization is. To put it simply, this is the process of improving product’s search visibility. In going through this process, your product can rise through the ranks and be found much better.

However, there is more to it than that. Apart from search visibility, the goal of this process is to also improve the rate at which the customer clicks on the product, the conversion rate, and how much the product is bought.

There are many things that are optimized for this to happen. These include the discovery of certain keywords, the optimization of text and images, and making more reviews for the product.

Understanding the Factors

Let’s take a look at several of these factors and how important they are.


In any search engine, keywords are very important. These will allow for the product, webpage, or service to be searched. It is no different for eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

For Amazon, the importance of keywords is heightened. For any product in Amazon, the keyword must be included in the product listing. If it isn’t, then people won’t be able to find your product.

That is why any and all keywords must be included in the product page. However, before you add the keywords, you need to find the relevant keywords to your product.

Afterwards, there are a number of places where you can put the keywords. These include the title, the product description, backend keywords, additional keyword types like the target audience, and additional product information.

Product Texts

In order to improve the click-through rate, one factor to consider is the text in your product listing.

It is important to add all relevant and necessary information on your product page. This will greatly add to the information that people need to know in order to click on your product.

Focus on the benefits and advantages for one. When these are correctly communicated, customers will understand why it is beneficial for them to purchase your product.

The final thing to keep in mind is to present your information in an easy to understand way. Simple is safe, as people should be able to process the information easily.


One other thing to consider are the reviews. In Amazon, there are reviews and there are star ratings. For this, the philosophy is the more the better.

In order to increase the number of reviews, good customer service goes a long way.

There are also various other ways to solicit more reviews from customers. These are included in Amazon’s guidelines.


The final pieces of the Amazon product listing optimization puzzle are the images. Images play a significant role in Amazon.

Images are so important that 60% of customers indicate the images as the number one thing that influences them to buy a product.

In addition, Amazon has certain guidelines that need to be applied and followed. Optimized product images can do wonders for your product and online store.
The optimization of Amazon’s product listings is its own beast. Understanding it and mastering it will definitely do wonders for whatever product you are selling. It will allow for people to see your product more, and more importantly click on it and proceed to the purchase.

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