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Rise to the Spotlight and Succeed
In today’s highly technological and accessible world, creating a product or service has never been easier. There are various platforms that have made setting up an online shop and presenting products a breeze. Moreover, any knowledge you need can mostly be found online.

It has become a viable avenue for income.

Making a product or offering a service is one thing. However, without the right exposure, whatever you offer may never come to light. People may never know about what you are offering, and it may never be bought.

Fortunately, the marketing tools are everywhere around you. You may not know it, but you are already frequenting some of these tools.

In order to help bring your products or services to light, you can utilize famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to market your products. The process of running ads at these is called Media Buying.

Signalytics’ Media Buying Service may be just the thing your company needs to rise to the spotlight and succeed.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of buying time and space in media platforms and running ads or promotions for a time. These platforms include social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), and even search engine result pages (Google).

However, it isn’t as simple as just paying the platform of choice. Instead, it becomes a balancing act of the right timing, the right target audience, and the right context of your ad or promotion.

The hopeful end result is that the right people see your ads and it converts to sales or brand awareness.
Media buying is very important and powerful these days. For one, the internet has become a permanent fixture in people’s lives. People are always online nowadays, whether it be on social media platforms or searching for some information.

This means that your ad is sent throughout the world across thousands to millions of people.

Apart from that, when compared to traditional advertising like television, radio, and print, media buying services are more affordable. With the right strategy in place, even a media buying plan with a modest budget can be very effective.

Finally, one key benefit also lies with the platforms. These platforms have control over their data analytics. They are continuously compiling useful data and information that will help you reach the right people for your business.

Facebook vs Instagram vs YouTube

Does it make a difference which platform you plan on advertising in? The answer is yes.

While there are overlaps, each of these three social media platforms have distinct factors and advantages that can help you decide on where to advertise.
Facebook is currently the king of demographics. This means that their demographics are quite varied. They cover different groups of people and even age ranges.

This means that whoever you group might be, you’ll surely be able to find at least a segment of your target audience on Facebook.
Has a variety of different advertisement options. You can utilize carousels (for scrollable images or videos), single posts (for images, videos, and slideshows), and links to existing posts.

Facebook has the ability to make in-caption links clickable
Instagram’s demographics on the other hand are leaning more towards the younger generation.
Instagram has a variety of different advertisement options. You can utilize carousels (for scrollable images or videos), single posts (for images, videos, and slideshows), and links to existing posts.

It utilizes call-to-action buttons to add links.
If video is the preferred method for advertising though, look no further than YouTube. For one thing, it is the mindset of the users. When some people go to Instagram for example, they aren’t conditioned to watch videos. With YouTube, they are.
It is more likely that people view video ads on YouTube. It is also a good platform for some creativity to take place. For instance, you can get influencers to make videos about your products.
These are only a few examples of the insights and effectiveness of Signalytics’ Media Buying Service.

Try us out and work with us. Together, we can make sure that your product, service, and business is on the right track to success.
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