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Gain Exposure On Every Platform
In today’s highly technological and accessible world, creating a product has never been easier. There are various platforms that have made setting up an online shop and presenting products a breeze. Moreover, any knowledge you need can mostly be found online.

It has become an incredibly viable avenue for income.

Making a product is one thing. However, without the right exposure, whatever you offer may never be seen by potential customers. People may never know about what you are offering, and therefore it may never be bought.

Fortunately, there are marketing tools everywhere around you. You may not know it, but you are already frequenting some of these tools.

In order to help get your products in front of people, you can utilize popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to market your products. The process of running ads on these platforms is called Media Buying.

And it is not just simply posting to products and asking friends to share them.

There’s an ad space dedicated for products that can help your ads reach more potential customers beyond your social circle.

In line with that, there are also other elements to work on these ad placements that concern algorithms. This is to make sure that your ads’ impressions show only to the interested customers of your target market, making them more effective and the conversion success rate, high.

The process of running ads on these platforms is called Media Buying.

Media planning involves using tools and deep knowledge about customer behavior in social media.

Media planners will strategize based on the results of their research, using not just insights about your audiences but also data analytics. They will also consider the type of content that will appeal to your target market.

Media buyers will use all of these insights in crafting an effective ad that will bring in the results you need based on your marketing goals. Is it traffic? Is it leads? Is it sales?

Brands and retailers can both benefit from media buying services. In the vast internet space, ad placements are crucial since they need to find their way through a sea of other searches and reach an interested customer. At the same time, to make consumers see you instead of your competitors.

Signalytics’ Media Buying Service may be just the thing your company needs to get into the spotlight and succeed.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of buying time and space on media platforms and running ads in that space for that time. These platforms include social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), and search engine result pages (Google).

However, it isn’t as simple as just paying the platform of choice. Instead, it becomes a balancing act of the right timing, the right target audience, and the right context of your ad or promotion.

The hopeful end result is that the right people see your ads and it converts to sales, traffic, and/or brand awareness.
Media buying is a crucial component for ecommerce stores these days. And the marketing approach in the digital space is different from traditional offline media like TV. With these changes, businesses need to keep up.

Websites are like a business’ primary office. It is mostly the hub for all ecommerce activities. However, brands and retailers also utilize social media as a branch for these activities, especially, the advertisement part.

A media buyer or together with his or her team can plan these matters for your business. They will create a tailor-fit strategy that can maximize the features and benefits of media buying. Some of the advantages are:

For one, the internet has become a permanent fixture in people’s lives. People are always online nowadays, whether it be on social media platforms or searching for some information.

This means that your ad is sent potentially throughout the world across thousands, or even millions, of people.

Social media is also an aid in building relationships. And the same can happen between you and your customers. Media buying is you becoming the solution to your target market’s woes, thus, creating that connection; even a deeper relationship like customer loyalty.

Since the internet is a vast space, making yourself visible to your target market is the first step. Media buying includes utilizing the right channels depending on your market, goals, and industry. Having this targeted approach not only helps straighten the path between you and your customer but also makes the ad more effective.

But, media buyers must not be only strategic but also fast when getting ad space. Because there is this called “ad inventory”, which pertains to the limited ad space at a given time. Publishers sell these as portions of their websites, with the cost depending on the visibility or impressions it provides.

The media buyer can also make a negotiation with a publisher for one-time or long-term placements. It will secure the spot for your product during a pre-determined campaign duration. Bidding may sometimes happen when raffling off highly-coveted campaign/ad placement slots.

Apart from that, when compared to traditional advertising like television, radio, and print, media buying services are far more affordable. With the right strategy in place, even a media buying plan with a modest budget can be very effective.

Marketers can now bask on AI in understanding customer behavior. Not only it shortens the process but also provides insights about future opportunities. Media buying can save you money from doing ads that incur a return of investment.

An ad shown to the right people at the right time presents value to your business. No more spammy, unrelatable ads, which also helps social media platforms improve their users’ experience. Thus, you can be assured that they can help you achieve your goal using the available technology.

Finally, one key benefit also lies with the platforms. These platforms have control over their data analytics. They are continuously compiling useful data and information that will help you reach the right people for your business.

Everything is fast-paced in the digital world. Thus, marketers and advertisers have to keep up with the current clamor. Media buying helps businesses ride the flow in the digital space.

Data analytics helps you gain insights from the vast data in the digital realm. It hastens the process of uncovering opportunities from trends and historical data in your product category. It can also help you understand your customers better so you can cater to them best.

Media buying also helps you align your ad campaigns across multiple channels. It also helps create a unified theme depending on your goals.

For example, if you will campaign for Amazon Prime day, then you can curate your ads to tell the same message but in different formats, depending on the platform you’ll run them in. This is to maintain the same impact with different audience types and ad placements.

Another thing about data analytics is the capability to measure ad performance. You can assess the results using a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs). This way, you drop the guesswork and fine-tune only the details that are underperforming.

Facebook vs Instagram vs YouTube

Does it make a difference which platform you plan on advertising in? The answer is yes.

While there are overlaps, each of these three social media platforms have distinct factors and advantages that can help you decide on where to advertise.

Just make sure that your ads are optimized for mobile devices. The display device might seem a small detail but is actually quite impactful. In the US, 77% of the population owns a smartphone, 79% of which made a purchase using the same.
Facebook is currently the king of demographics. This means that their demographics are quite varied and their data is robust. They cover different interests, age ranges, and more.

This means that whoever your group might be, you’ll surely be able to find at least a segment of your target audience on Facebook.
Has a variety of different advertising options. You can utilize carousels (for scrollable images or videos), single posts (for images, videos, and slideshows), links to existing posts, as well as various placement types.

Facebook has the ability to make in-caption links clickable.
Instagram’s demographics are much stronger with slightly younger generations.
Instagram also has a variety of different advertisement options. You can utilize carousels (for scrollable images or videos), single posts (for images, videos, and slideshows), and links to an existing article or post.

It utilizes call-to-action buttons to add links.
If video is the preferred method for advertising though, look no further than YouTube. Every user’s intention when visiting Youtube’s platform is to watch videos. For that reason, video ads are much more likely to be viewed on the site.
It’s also a great ad platform in terms of targeting options and demographics since it has a tremendous amount of traffic (and is owned by Google).
With Signalytics’ Media Buying Service, we can put your brand front and center on the most popular sites on the web using paid media strategies.

With our knowledge and optimization techniques, we’ll get you massive exposure for your ad dollars.
At Signalytics, our goal is to gather the absolute best data for your business, deploy strategies designed to utilize that data, and gain you intelligence, visibility, and growth.
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