PFR (Purchase Frequency Rank) Service

Insights into keywords that trigger purchases
Signalytics understands that ranking is a key factor for a product or campaign’s success on Amazon. One of our main services is identifying the various opportunities present that can boost your visibility and increase the chances of success.

With the data that PFR can provide, your rank efforts, in both organic and PPC, will see exactly the boost you were hoping for.

What is PFR?

PFR is the calculation of how popular one keyword is compared to other keywords by way of ranking how frequently the keyword search resulted in a purchase.

The key takeaway here is that traffic does not equal conversion. Search volume may be important for search engine optimization (SEO), but highly searched keywords aren’t necessarily the ones that convert to sales and make the money.

The truth is that certain keywords are only used for certain purposes. These include research, discovery, and to drive sales to certain brands.

PFR and Amazon

Another way that we have applied our PFR knowledge is via new product campaigns on Amazon.

If a product or campaign is new on Amazon, it does not have enough data to pull from to fill in the suggested keywords. In this beginning stage there is a honeymoon period that takes place. In this period, many keywords are collected.

The machine learning algorithm then takes its time and refines them.

If your starting budget is not as big and as aggressive as your competitors, you don’t have to worry. We’ve filled this gap by connecting the PFR research tool and identifying the most profitable keywords for an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) which is based on the performance of competitors.
As you can see, Signalytics’ data and advanced research tools can help paint a clearer picture of what it takes to succeed on Amazon and in the ecommerce world.
At Signalytics, our goal is to gather the absolute best data for your business, deploy strategies designed to utilize that data, and gain you intelligence, visibility, and growth.
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