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Rank and gain visibility. Increase the chances of YOUR success.
When a user searches via Amazon's search engine, your ad is placed at the results page. This brings your website front and center. It is also an opportunity to bring in more traffic.
Whenever an ad is clicked, a small fee is paid to the search engine. In this case, it is to Amazon.
While the fee may seem counterproductive at first, in the long run, it becomes a nonfactor. The increased traffic will increase the presence and activity of your business as people pay for your service or buy your product.

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PPC Management Service Rates

Annual GMV


$0 - $335,000
$335,000 - $720,000
$720,000 - $1,500,000
$1,500,000 - $3,000,000
$3,000,000 - $10,000,000
$10,000,000 - $22,000,000
$22,000,000 - $48,000,000
$48,000,000 - $120,000,000
$120,000,000 - $300,000,000
$300,000,000 - $600,000,000
More than $600M

PPC Self Service Pricing

Introduction Plan

1 Marketplace
1 user, 2 strategies
for 2 months

Starter Plan

Unlimited Marketplace
2 users, 50 strategies
Up to $5,000.00 monthly ad spend
$ 299.00

Growth Plan

Unlimited Marketplace
5 users, 50 strategies
Up to $10,000.00 monthly ad spend
$ 449.00

Professional Plan

Unlimited Marketplace
10 users, 50 strategies
Up to $100,000.00 monthly ad spend
$ 449.00
+ 4.0% cost per Ad Spend

Professional+ Plan

Unlimited Marketplace
10 users, 50 strategies
Up to $200,000.00 monthly ad spend
$ 449.00
+ 3.5% cost per Ad Spend

Enterprise Plan

Unlimited Marketplace
Unlimited users & strategies
Custom monthly ad spend
+ custom% cost per Ad Spend

System Includes:

SP, SB, SBV, SD Campaign Creation
Profit & Loss Dashboard
Stock Level Dashboard
Search Trend Dashboard
Keyword Analysis Dashboard
Search Term Traffic Analysis
Profit Analysis Dashboard

Coming Soon:

PPC Stock Level Data Driven Performance

In Production:

Google Ads AI PPC
DSP integration

An All Around Benefit

PPC benefits more parties than just Amazon. It rewards the people who utilize the search engines, the people who advertise on the search engine, and the search engines themselves.

Benefits to the Search Engine

The search engine platform facilitates everything. It also allows for the users and advertisers to reap the benefits as well. If you will, it is the garden where everything grows.

A ton of people utilize Amazon's search engine each and every day. When these users search anything, a relevant quality ad is presented. When these ads are clicked, they provide revenue to Amazon. 

Benefits to the Search Engine Users

The users benefit a lot from the PPC campaigns. Research shows that these targeted ads from search engine queries are clicked and frequented more than any other digital marketing and advertising efforts. 

What does this show? First of all, it shows that people don’t mind that advertisements are there. However, it is important to note though that these advertisements show relevant businesses and products to them.

Benefits for Advertisers

Finally, the advertisers are granted a unique opportunity and location to place their ads. Not only that, it delivers it directly to the right people who want or need to see it. Advertisers are also able to utilize data on traffic via what users are searching.

A unique offering of Amazon's search engine and PPC is that it isn’t about bidding higher for the space. It isn’t like billboards or television commercials. Instead, it rewards the quality of the advertisement. 

PPC Upgraded

Signalytics has watched keenly as certain PPC practices have improved. These new practices can give you the edge your business or product needs online.


Hybrid PPC Automation

The coming wave of PPC practices is PPC automation. It is quietly being applied to every business. If you aren’t in the know, you are exerting more effort than you need to.

For PPC automation, it utilizes technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to double your search engine marketing.

The biggest relevant issue right now though is that there are so many networks and platforms available. It is getting harder to just keep up with all of it.

It is much like any business or process really. If you can find the right tasks to be automated, you are becoming productive and producing better results at a much quicker pace.

Signalytics’ AI engine is one of the most sophisticated and effective machine learning algorithm. It is tailor-made for PPC optimization within the industry.

However, there is something else that we add to our PPC automation practices; a secret ingredient that adds more value. It is the hybrid approach of a human managing how efficient the machine works.


An Understanding of the Amazon Algorithm

At Signalytics, we have devoted time and effort to learning about the Amazon algorithm. The insights we have gained will benefit any business and push them to success.

First of all, we understand how the algorithm works. We understand things like where they pull their suggested keywords from and when it happens. We also understand the behavior of any new campaigns and what happens when it becomes established.

A key component of the Amazon algorithm that people need to discover is that relevance is bought. An aggressive budget for PPC will make your campaign more visible and push you upwards through the ranks.

If that isn’t enough, we stay on top of any and all Amazon algorithm updates. We take whatever we learn and spell out these implications for your campaign and apply it to boost success.

Always at the Forefront

Like everything in life, everything keeps progressing. Everything keeps moving forward. New things will likely impact the PPC game, but rest assured that Signalytics will always be at the forefront of these new services.

Whether it is a PPC rule-based software or the latest AI, we’re always analyzing what the best practices are and always let you know you.

If we are at the forefront of the best PPC practice, then your business stays ahead and always a step closer to success.

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At Signalytics, our goal is to gather the absolute best data for your business, deploy strategies designed to utilize that data, and gain you intelligence, visibility, and growth.
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