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One of the most important things for Amazon sellers is keyword ranking. It may be as important, if not more important, than maintaining the quality of your product and handling the logistics and strategy of the entire brand.

In terms of maximizing revenue though, product ranking may be the crucial aspect that sellers need to focus on.

While Google is a widely-used search engine around the whole of the world, people still utilize Amazon to look for products. This is why ranking is paramount for putting your product front and center for people to find.

Fortunately, Signalytics has spent a significant amount of time studying and understanding Amazon’s algorithms. We are eager to share our experience with you, and help your product rise through Amazon’s ranks.

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Understanding Amazon’s Algorithm

Amazon’s listing keyword ranking algorithm is formally called A9. In this algorithm lies something of a paradox. According to Amazon, they say that the products that sell the most have a higher ranking on the platform. However, ranking is typically necessary in order to get the most sales.

For perspective, here are some data to show how important ranking is:
If a product is ranked highly for a keyword and appears on the first page, it could get up to 60% of the clicks depending on what category the product is in.
If a product appears on the second page, it is likely its number of sales will be dramatically lower than page one competitors.
How does this work anyway? How does Amazon determine who gets this incredible opportunity and who doesn’t? This is a mystery to the few who haven’t delved into Amazon’s platform and algorithm.

Factors Affecting Product’s Ranking

There are several factors that play a big part in a product’s ranking.

Reviews and Ratings

The more positive reviews and ratings given to a specific product, the more it will push the product up in the rankings.

Before a product gets any reviews or ratings though, the product must first be seen and bought by customers.


The other important factor at play here is the searched keywords. Utilizing relevant and impactful keywords will significantly improve a product’s rankings. These keywords should be placed in the proper listing areas.

The areas include in a product’s title, the seller name, backend keywords, product description, and bullet points among other things.

Signalytics can help you with setting up your product page and ensuring that you are utilizing relevant keywords.

Moreover though, Signalytics has other approaches to further boost your ranking in Amazon.

Boost Your Amazon Rankings

Here are several approaches that Signalytics can offer you to increase your keyword rank and stay on top. This staying power is important as it will allow you to continue to build your product and online business by selling more.
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A Controlled Customer Journey

People use the internet in a variety of ways. Where they begin their journey, their interests, the keywords they use, which ads they see, and so on are all data points that tell an important story. There are many factors at play.
Signalytics has found that we can help rein in these random factors by controlling the customer’s journey.
This controlling is done via numerous tools, and runs from start to finish. We aim to steer customers through their browsing activity in Amazon, the click paths from outside of Amazon, and even their activity on certain pages on Amazon.
The tools we use are numerous and very effective. These include things like Facebook ads, chat bots, emails, and PR releases. Each tool is used to keep in contact with the customer. These tools can guide customers from websites, all the way to purchasing your product.
When that happens, you can be sure that your ranking in Amazon will improve.

Combined Approaches

Signalytics combines multiple approaches

Search, Find, Buy

This is manually giving customers instructions on how to find a product naturally. It could be searching for the specific term on Amazon or using links on sites like Pinterest.

External Traffic

Driving traffic from external websites to Amazon is a good way to boost a product’s ranking. Signalytics utilizes the power of search engines (such as Google) and other high authority sites.

Rabbit Trails

Customers traverse many trails to get to products they are interested in. We can simulate this by sending buyers to competitor listings, through social share links, and more.

Add to Carts

When customers add items to their cart, this provides valuable information on what products they want. We then use this information to improve your own product page and ranking.


Rebates are another strategy that can supercharge your rankings. We promote your product to buyers in exchange for a rebate. The buyer then purchases your product at full price on the Amazon platform, sending powerful purchase signals to the ranking algorithm.

Signalytics’ Ranking Service

No other service or seller has more experience with ranking than Signalytics. We are well equipped to ensure your product listing increases rank and attracts more eyeballs. We utilize tactics that have proven effective for seven and eight figure brands, large CPG’s and even household names.

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