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In this day and age, the internet has quickly become an integral part of our lives. We frequently visit it for knowledge, entertainment, essential goods, and more.

We are constantly bombarded with the sights and sounds of video and streaming from platforms like YouTube and Netflix. It goes without saying nowadays that a business NEEDS a website to be successful. For this reason, most are claiming their online real estate.

The accessibility of the internet means that it is growing at an unprecedented rate. More websites, articles, videos, social media, real-life services, and whatever else people can think of are finding their way on the internet.

One study conducted in 2019 mapped that approximately 4.3 billion people comprise the active internet users. A year after, it grew to about 5 billion users. In terms of websites, since January 2021 the number is nearing 1.2 billion. Additionally, the number of web pages since March of the same year is 5.4 billion.

The internet is an expansive treasure trove that contains many things. The question now is how do people go about finding specific websites or pages? More importantly, how does content or a company’s website surface amongst the billions of other pages that it wades with?

The answer is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO: What It Is and Why It Matters

Google has become the first stop on the web for many users. Internet surfers utilize Google by inputting keywords and searching for the websites or pages that answer their question, offer their needed product, or contain the entertainment they seek.

Search engines act like libraries or databases. Any search term or keyword input is then used as the criteria for the search engine to look through the pages in its index and come up with relevant results.

At the heart of Google’s search engine is an algorithm. It is a set of rules that the engine uses to come up with its varying results. The factors taken into account include the keywords, the location where someone is searching from, relevance, and if the source is an expert or authority on the subject.

Thus, put simply, SEO is the process of optimizing and customizing content in order for it to cater to the algorithm and surface as a searchable result that sits high in the rankings when a specific keyword is searched..

This is very important – especially for businesses and entrepreneurs – because good SEO practices can spell the difference between people finding a businesses’ website and a business living in absolute obscurity.

Obscurity is not where a group of people who want to succeed wants to be. This goes double for new businesses and brands. They want to be out there, gaining exposure, and even attracting and growing business.

In order to give you a better idea of what SEO can do, here are a few reasons that will show how relevant great SEO practices are.

Benefits of SEO for Amazon Sellers

Now let’s look at benefits for sellers on Amazon

More Visibility On the Broader Web is a pretty massive marketplace that gets a ton of traffic every day. However, they still only account for roughly 40% of ecommerce sales in the US. That means the remaining 60% are getting their goods online somewhere else.

Contrast that with over 86% of internet users in the United States using Google. Now imagine if your listing could appear in Google search results.

This would bring in an influx of traffic from other sources that may not have discovered your product(s) on Amazon’s website.

And SEO can help with this. Search engine optimization tactics, involving keyword placement and backlinks, can push your product detail page to the top of search results on the largest search engine platform in the world.

With more customers preferring to shop at the convenience of their homes, digital marketplaces are evolving to cater to the demands. However, as more businesses claim their space online, the competition becomes stronger and visibility more challenging.

SEO is one major marketing strategy shift that businesses must practice; you are missing on a lot of opportunities if you don’t. Not only you are following where your customers are but also expanding the base you can reach - from your local community to the whole world.

A solid SEO strategy is important to create a strong presence in the midst of competition and expanse of the web. And there are many ways to achieve that.

Keyword research can help you know what your target customers search for when looking for your product. It is the key to teach the algorithm to connect your product listing to relevant search queries.

There are many AI tools like Google AdWords that can help you do the keyword research faster and more effectively. It saves you time by letting data analytics gather and process the data you need.

Meanwhile, link building is beneficial for newly-up sites or listings. It is a way to direct the traffic juice from authority sites or listings to yours. And this results to an increase in visibility.

Before you get daunted about the work involved in SEO, know that you can partner with someone, or a team, to get everything in place.

An SEO company can help take your business to the vast internet space and harness the opportunities that come with it.

You can exploit the skills of a team of experts to work on your product’s online presence through SEO. With that, you are not risking your business to someone inexperienced like yourself.

Improved Credibility

Amazon already lends a ton of credibility to all products found in its catalog. This is because of the A to Z guarantee.

Be that as it may, being found front and center in a more general Google search instantly increases that credibility, because it send the message that many others must have found your product to be a solution to their issues as well.

Know that effective SEO practices built over time have better results. And this is called organic positioning. It is allowing your product listing to naturally gain traffic with the help of keyword research, link building, social media marketing, and other online marketing strategies.

Your product’s visibility from a place of organic position in the search engine results page is already a testament of your credibility.

Showing up on the first few results of the SERP is now synonymous to being an authority in your industry. And that should be one of your goals for having online visibility in the first place.

SEO companies can provide you with new and updated insights on how to approach your target market using SEO. As your partners, their goal is to help your SEO engagements keep up with the ever-changing algorithm.

Staying Ahead of the Buying Cycle

The thing about setting up businesses online is that people do their research before purchasing an item. If a brand utilizes good SEO practices, then this can be used as an advantage.

SEO practices and strategies can help your listing become a resource for deeper product research, which may also earn your brand new buyers and fans.

Doing this can also positively affect the buying cycle. The buying cycle is the set of stages that a buyer goes through before purchasing something. These include steps like the awareness of needs, the assessment of alternatives, the alleviation of risk, the decision, and the achievement of results.

Another thing about increasing visibility and building credibility with SEO is earning quality conversions. That is, you get ROI because the traffic you gain eventually becomes leads, and then sales.

White hat SEO practices establish the course towards tremendous benefits for your business.

One, you can experience a leap of growth. Some brick and mortar stores are even shifting to online like Walmart. This makes shopping more convenient, thus, capturing more customers. The same is true with reaching those far away from the physical stores, increasing your customer base.

Chances are, if you reign in Google, you will likely too in Amazon. They complement each other and can both help you achieve a business goal like increased revenue.

From searches to leads to sales, applying SEO can help you secure a smooth path for your customer’s buying cycle. More so, it gives you the edge against your competitors by reaching your customers faster.

Now, SEO companies can design an ad campaign suitable to your goals. And that involves data analysis about your target audience and competitors. It will also include the subsequent approach and strategies for implementation and the KPIs to monitor.

They will also aim to lessen your ad cost yet increasing the profit. That is one advantage of working with SEO professionals since the upfront service cost yields a return of investment.

With the internet already established as an essential and important part of people’s everyday lives, so too is SEO a fact of life. This goes for businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their Amazon brands and achieve success.

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