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In this day and age, the internet is quickly becoming a new landscape that people frequently visit for a variety of offerings.

Relaxation and entertainment come in the slew of video and streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix. It is said that modern businesses require a website these days to be successful. As such, businesses are quickly setting up shop by creating their own websites.

Apart from these, any kind of service and information that people want to discover is on the internet.

The accessibility of the internet means that it is growing at an unprecedented rate. More websites, articles, videos, social media, real-life services, and whatever else people can think of are finding their way on the internet.

One study conducted in 2019 mapped that approximately 4.3 billion people comprise the active internet users. A year after, it grew to about 5 billion users. In terms of websites, since January 2021 the number is nearing 1.2 billion. Additionally, the number of web pages since March of the same year is 5.4 billion.

The internet is an expansive treasure trove that contains many things. The question now is how do people go about finding specific websites or pages? More importantly, how does content or a company’s website surface amongst the billions of other pages that it wades with?

The answer is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is SEO and Why it Matters?

The first stop of many users of the internet is Google. Users utilize Google by inputting keywords and searching for relevant pages that may contain the information they need or the answers to their questions.

Search engines act like libraries or databases. Any search term or keyword inputted is then used as the criteria for a search engine to look through the pages in its index and come up with relevant results.

At the heart of Google’s search engine is an algorithm. It is a set of rules that the engine uses to come up with its varying results. The factors taken into account include the keywords, the location where someone is searching from, relevance, and if the source is an expert or authority on the subject.

Thus, put simply, SEO is the process of optimizing and customizing content in order for it to cater to the algorithm and surface as a searchable result that sits high in the rankings when a specific keyword is searched..

This is very important – especially for businesses and entrepreneurs – because good SEO practices can spell the difference between people finding a businesses’ website and a business living in absolute obscurity.

Obscurity is not where a group of people who want to succeed wants to be. This goes double for new businesses and entrepreneurs. They want to be out there, gaining exposure, and even attracting and growing business.

In order to give you a better idea of what SEO can do, here are a few reasons that will show how relevant great SEO practices are.

Benefits of SEO

Let’s take a look at several benefits of SEO.

Becoming a Trusted and Credible Source

One of the foundations of a very successful website is credibility. If a website is trustworthy, that means that it is more likely to draw in people as well as high quality organic links. It also means that news outlets and other posts may end up sourcing some specific content from a website.

Looking at it in another way, SEO can help build confidence in the many people and organizations that may view a website.

Just like real life, trust is not built in a single day. It takes time, patience, and a lot of effort to earn that trust.

SEO can help with this though. Through good SEO practices, credibility can be earned when high domain authority websites backlink a specific page from a website. This also includes positive behavior from users and optimized elements and contents. Both of these are things that SEO focuses on and improves.

Improved User Experience

While many businesses and entrepreneurs look to improving rankings and visibility on search engines, they often overlook one important aspect. This aspect is user experience.

Focusing on improving user experience is a step made towards positive customer satisfaction. Even if people visit a website or if it is high in rankings (a thing that wouldn’t necessarily happen if user experience is abysmal), if the website produces a terrible experience, would it have been effective at all?

User experience is a good set up of a website. It allows for users to easily navigate and find content that they need.

Under the guidance of good SEO practices, user experience is not only improved, but is made to work in a business or brand’s favor.

Staying Ahead of the Buying Cycle

The thing about setting up businesses online is that people do their research before purchasing an item. If a business utilizes good SEO practices, then this can be used as an advantage.

SEO practices and strategies can help a website present good deals, and even reveal new services and products. It can get that message out easily and make it visible in the places that matter the most.

Doing this can also positively affect the buying cycle. The buying cycle is the set of stages that a buyer goes through before purchasing something. These include steps like the awareness of needs, the assessment of alternatives, the alleviation of risk, the decision, and the achievement of results.

Utilizing SEO to get out a businesses’ messages and deals about a product can help get ahead of the buying cycle. It simultaneously allows customers to be aware of their needs while also presenting a specific product or service in the places where it can have maximum visibility.
With the internet already established as an essential and important part of people’s everyday lives, so too is SEO a fact of life. This goes for businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business and achieve success.

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