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Improved Product Listings & Promos with Video
Amazon has always been at the forefront of changes and improvements to its platform. You can see this by looking at the evolution from a simple book selling site to what it is today. Aside from being open to testing and data-driven change, Amazon is also very quick to implement.

After launching the online bookstore in 1995, in as little as a month, they were able to deliver to 50 states and more than 40 countries across the globe.

Apart from now being a leading platform for all consumer goods available through eCommerce, they also introduced many important features that are now commonplace in the eCommerce world. These include things like user reviews and rating metrics for each product.
They also added to the experience by optimizing the marketplace for mobile phones. The mobile phone change was a good move as it is currently the primary way that people purchase online products.

Amazon is on the move yet again as they have improved the product listing experience by introducing product videos in their listings.

After reviewing the shopper data, Amazon realized that more sales and conversions were possible by allowing sellers to showcase their products through video, so the feature was released as a Brand Registry benefit.

And Signalytics offers way more with our video services. We have the inside scoop that will allow you to maximize this feature and easily convert to sales.

Maximizing Signalytics’ Video Service

Signalytics services allow you to really maximize your product listing’s visibility and exposure.

Our team has combined decades being committed to studying how Amazon works, and delving into the meaningful pieces of data from its users.

Data Driven

The great part about video as digital media is the data that can be collected. When using survey data, split test data, and heatmap data to inform your video creation, you stand a much better chance at persuading your audience.

Signalytics has access to all of this data and more, so our videos are not only high quality, but also incredibly purposeful.

Some examples of data points that we draw from include review content, keywords, click data, past performance on similar campaigns, and much more.

We also look at competitors to understand the landscape of the market and your competition. This helps to inform the tone of the message, as well as expectations of the market.

We look to get a full understanding of your brand, offering, vision, and audience before creating media that will drive conversions through the roof.

Telling a Story

The age old adage is; facts tell, stories sell.

The bottom line is, whether you’re selling a car component, a garlic press, or a refrigerator filter, stories will always captivate an audience. By having your media tell a story, you capture the imagination of shoppers who choose to stop and listen.

From the most innovative inventions to the most boring household items, regardless of what you are selling, telling a story either about your brand, how the product came to be, or anything else relevant, will increase conversions.

Enhanced Brand Content & A+ Premium

Our service is a holistic approach for Amazon sellers. So our video services will work for wherever you can input it on your listing, or even in advertising.

If you are selling a product on Amazon, Signalytics can definitely help you create engaging, informative, and unique product videos built on well-researched data and insights. We’ll not just bring eyes to your product, we’ll use our research to ensure that it can convert to a sale.

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