Meet the Team


Howard Thai

Chief Executive Officer
Howard, Founder of Signalytics, is also known in the industry as “The Professor” of Amazon
Howard Thai, CEO
Howard, Founder of Signalytics, is also known in the industry as “The Professor” of Amazon and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Also being a founder of United Integral Inc aka Skque, he has a Sellers Lifetime Rank of Top 100 on Amazon.com.

With over 18 years of experience under his belt, Howard has worked closely with revenue cycle teams and multiple departments to resolve operational issues and initiate optimal solutions within competitive market spaces. His knowledge lies primarily in harnessing technology to meet changing business needs and market requirements.

Baldwin Thai

Director of Marketing
Baldwin has over 15 years of experience in marketing & has been in Amazon since 2005
Baldwin Thai, Director of Marketing
Amazon advertising, TikTok advertising, creative production, awareness development, and generating unique insights that can dramatically influence business growth are just a few of his areas of expertise. He is always up to date with the latest social marketing trends and emerging social marketing techniques, making him a proven marketing leader with continued success in high-growth startups.

“Signalytics is a place full of bright people, and it has been fun working with them. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve things, as we believe in innovation and the constant pursuit of excellence.”

Krystle Fernandez

Marketing Manager
Krystle is an expert in both the E-Commerce and Advertising trade
Krystle Fernandez, Marketing
Her 8 years of digital advertising and marketing expertise gave her a depth of knowledge in client account management, contract and agreement negotiation, and profit maximization. She is certified in several Google Marketing Platforms, allowing her to work on campaign optimization, planning, and troubleshooting all at the same time.

“As a Marketing Manager of Signalytics, the thrill to work on amazing, fast-paced projects has kept me challenged and motivated. Successfully working with a roster of professionals has expanded my skills to develop integrated projects and business structures. Meeting client's KPIs, more so exceeding them, makes my heart full.”

Kris Vargas

HR Manager
Her experiences in different industries make her a result-driven HR Manager
Kris Vargas, HR Manager
With 10+ years in Human Capital Management, Kris has contributed to the overall productivity of the organizations in terms of recruitment, management, development, and optimization of Human Resources which has made her a rare gem to the Management Team in Signalytics Ltd. But despite her stellar credentials, she is a compassionate leader loved by all.

“Being part of Signalytics is one of the greatest highlights of my career. It has helped me enhance my industry expertise and embrace flexibility in terms of acquiring new skills and specialized knowledge. Truly, HR is not just about managing people, but also building partnership with the business and the organization as a whole."

Peter Jiang

Project Manager
Peter is a seasoned eCommerce expert with 15 years of industry experience.
Peter Jiang, Project Manager
Peter is a seasoned eCommerce expert with 15 years of industry experience. His extensive knowledge with SKUVAULT, NetSuite Oneworld ERP, Channel Advisor, and ChatBot has made him well suited for complex projects. Peter’s expertise makes him a valuable asset to the team.

“Here at Signalytics, we have a ridiculously high teamwork ethic and amazing boss! We love the people that surround us. Can’t ask for more!”

Gavin T.

SEO Manager
Gavin has been in the field of SEO and Affiliate Marketing since 2003.
Gavin T., SEO Manager
Gavin is responsible for designing high-impact SEO pages. He is an expert when it comes to building powerful funnels with strong conversion metrics and high EPCs. He is a professional in various subjects, including Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO Strategies, Email Marketing, and Sales Funnel Design and Implementation.

“Signalytics invests in the growth of its employees. There is a system of continuous feedback with very intelligent people who are always extremely helpful and collaborative. It’s always a pleasure working with team members who are sharp, intelligent, and have vast knowledge in their specialty."

Nieverlyn Rodriguez

Accounting Supervisor
Nieverlyn has 16 years of experience in full-cycle accounting and finance
Nieverlyn Rodriguez, Acct. Supervisor
Nieverlyn came to the company equipped with holistic knowledge and experience in Accounting from her 16 years of extensive involvement in full-cycle accounting and finance. Her background in various industries such as E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution, Construction, and Aviation are just the tip of the iceberg.

“It’s been my privilege to work with a team of professionals where I can contribute my knowledge & expertise while learning new trends and exposures. Looking forward to a better future ahead of us!”

Navi Li

IT Manager
Navi is an expert in the operation and maintenance of a large variety of systems
Navi Li, IT Manager
With more than 12 years of IT management experience, Navi is an expert in the operation and maintenance of a large variety of systems including Windows servers, Linux servers, Network, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, and more. All his expertise in different areas related to IT Management has made him an excellent addition to the team.

“I’m ecstatic to be a part of a company that is dedicated to innovative solutions. I’m ready to use my expertise and experience to support the normal operation of the enterprise information system.”

Apple Zhang

Supply Chain Manager
Apple has over 13 years of supply chain management experience
Apple Zhang, Supply Chain Manager
Apple has over 13 years of supply chain management experience, including sourcing, planning, purchasing, quality control, storage, and freight forwarding. She will quickly source and find the best products for your business at the lowest price, saving you time and money. Her expertise surely helps Amazon Sellers in making the most of their Amazon ventures.

“We are a great team. We constantly learn from each other and push ourselves to be our best every day. I’m honored to be part of this team and am committed to working hard to make Signalytics even better.”


Shailesh Dwivedi

Web Development
Full Stack Developer
Shailesh Dwivedi
Shailesh is a fundamental part of the company responsible for App and Program Development. His 9 years of experience in full-stack Web Development made him an incredible employee that is dedicated to structure, detail, and design.

Irene Cortez

Amazon Listing Optimizer
Irene Cortez
Contributing to the company with her immense experience in E-commerce Management (5 years), Content Writing (6 years), and Quality Assurance (6 years). She has worked with various BPO and E-Commerce companies, making her an efficient and productive Amazon Listing Optimiser and a great addition to the Advertising team.

Kchristaihne Castillo

Social Media Manager
Kchristaihne Castillo
Kchristaihne is a highly professional and efficient member of the Marketing Team. With her 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing and endless love for Social Media and her 3 years background in Retail industries and a track record of creating and implementing successful organic growth.

Jonah Madrigallos

SEO Content Writer
Jonah Madrigallos
Jonah, a well-experienced SEO writer of 5 years, came aboard and became an essential part of the company. With a background in numerous industries such as Retail, Education, Digital Marketing, and E-Commerce, Jonah is skilled in search engine optimization’s critical and creative perspectives.


Eric Rafanan

HR and Administrative Support
Eric Rafanan
Eric is a young and diligent General Virtual Assistant that is well-experienced in the E-Commerce and Healthcare industry. With 3 years of Purchasing experience alongside 2 years of Administrative Support, he is a knowledgeable and reliable member of the company.

Ian Dasig

HR and Administrative Support
Ian Dasig
Ian, a sought-after General Virtual Assistant in the IT and E-commerce pool, chose to work for Signalytics Ltd. as part of its growing workforce. His 2 years of experience in Purchasing and another 2 years in Administrative support has made him a reliable asset to the team.

Krizzie Maliza

HR and Administrative Support
Krizzie Maliza
Krizzie is a General Virtual Assistant who specializes in Customer Service Management and Executive Support. Her 7 years of experience in both the Healthcare and E-Commerce industries contributed to her ever-growing skills in dealing with client issues and concerns.

Erica Erlano

Influencer Marketer
Erica Erlano
Erica is a passionate and enthusiastic Influencer Marketer with 4 years of experience in Digital and Social Media Marketing and a year in Customer Service support. Her background in various E-Commerce and BPO industries has led her to be an important part of the Marketing team

Amelia Briguela

Influencer Marketer
Amelia Briguela
Amelia joined the team as an Influencer Marketer and quickly became a key part in the Marketing team. Bringing her 10 years of Marketing and Customer Service experience in the skills pool, she instantly became a vital member of the company due to her extraordinary combination of skills.

Izzy Bush

Brand Ambassador
Izzy Bush
Izzy started becoming an influencer on TikTok in the year 2020 and has gained over sixty-six thousand followers. She mainly focuses on Amazon hacks and Amazon products. Izzy has also started doing Amazon Live and was formerly a live streamer with fifteen thousand fans on MeetMe.
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